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Practicing mindfulness to help create a clearer and more authentic pathway between past, present, and future.

Our approach

Going beyond simply being present

As humans, we’re often programmed to view things in isolation: our finances, our family life, and our careers. This approach leaves little room for us to appreciate the overlapping and intertwined nature of the different dimensions of our lives and inhibits the meaningful flow that exists between them. Shifting to a universal perspective through mindfulness can expand our capacity to experience life and focus on holistic well-being.

Mindfulness goes beyond simply being present in each moment. It hinges on intentionality and entails cohesion across our attention, intentions, and attitudes, requiring us to take meaningful action to establish engagement with the self. To make this shift, it’s important to look within and reorient our interior being toward purposeful living. Recalibrating our thinking style and honing our focus to establish meaningful connections with the information around us can strengthen the psychological base that supports our health and well-being.

Committed to financial well-being

Personal Mindfulness

At Murphy Clarke, we believe in financial well-being and are committed to helping everyone achieve it, but we view it as only one piece of a larger whole. It is our philosophy that continually expanding our perspective and remodeling our mental frameworks to appreciate the bigger picture promotes harmony among the various dimensions of our lives and fosters deeper and more sustainable happiness.

Though our mindset is often gradually and subconsciously configured by our culture, experiences, and environment, we can deliberately shape and optimize it to ensure we transform ourselves into an agent of mindful action. This requires releasing ourselves from the rigid confines of previously held perspectives and opening up to new ideas, potential, and change. In this vein, our mindset toward our finances should be carefully molded, as this set of beliefs and attitudes associated with money is an important driving force which implicates our decision-making and influences the way our financial life unfolds.

An extension of our own personal mindset

Practicing mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness also helps create a clearer and more authentic pathway between past, present, and future. By being purposeful and focused in our financial, personal, and professional goal-setting and aligning our actions and values with these goals, we can ensure mobility and holistic progression in a healthy direction.

As an extension of our own personal mindset, there is significance in the collective frame of mind. Murphy Clarke appreciates the importance of shared values, ideas, and perspectives and believes in the exponential power of groups to transition together toward achieving desired goals. Through unity and establishing declarations for both now and in the future, groups have the ability to purposefully chart their trajectory by embodying deliberate guiding principles.

In this way, we create a psychological web underpinned by group cohesion, reinforcing and strengthening our capacity to think and act in specific directions. As a team, we consciously make the declaration to act in line with our deep appreciation of the multifaceted nature of the human condition and wellbeing – and bonded by these shared intentions – we move forward.

Our unwavering pursuit of longevity

Our Precious Planet

Planet Earth, a harbor nurturing countless intricate natural systems, sustains human life and provides an environment conducive to our preservation and healthy holistic development. In our unwavering pursuit of longevity and intergenerational wellbeing, we are united by a collective responsibility to safeguard this delicate natural equilibrium and intentionally forge a harmonious alliance with both the earth itself and the vibrant communities that emerge and flourish within its embrace.

It is imperative to acknowledge that our contemporary actions have a resounding ripple effect, resonating across time with far reaching generational impacts. Each deliberate choice we make and each proclamation we declare today has the transformative power to redefine the trajectory of our environmental and social systems, enhancing present-day health and wellbeing, while enriching the quality of life for future generations and reflecting our commitment to their protection.


Sustainable and compassionate practices

exerting a positive impact

Though we walk this path of introspection and action together, it does not necessitate a loss of our individuality. Instead, the significance of our personal lifestyles, passions and interests should be cherished. Sustainable and compassionate practices can be infused throughout the undertakings on our own unique journeys, seamlessly integrated into our distinctive ways of life.

Within this union lies the realization that each of us, regardless of circumstance, possesses the remarkable capacity to exert a positive and enduring impact on the world in a way that brings forth profound meaning and personal fulfillment. In embracing our individual agency as advocates of positive change, we can contribute toward the building of a future that harmoniously intertwines the preservation of our precious planet with the fulfillment of our deepest passions and aspirations.

As autonomous individuals, our shared sense of belonging and interconnectedness forms the core of our societal resilience. By reinforcing our communal bonds and valuing the humanity that drives us, we create a unified force for positive change. Engaging actively, collaborating, and supporting each other in areas that uphold our human essence – like the arts, history, and conservation – we enhance the inherent strength of our communities, paving the way for a kinder, more harmonious future.