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Murphy Clarke’s logo redesign and website relaunch

Murphy Clarke holds a steadfast belief in the principles of continual improvement and organic transformation. With this commitment in mind, we have undertaken a re-design initiative this year to ensure that our logo and website accurately reflect the authentic essence of the company we have grown into since our establishment in 2010.

At the heart of the Murphy Clarke family is our logo, which not only captures a vital dimension of our collective identity and self-image but also conveys in their simplest form our values, principles, and mission as we progress into the future.   Our new ‘Evolving Globe’ Logo aligns seamlessly with the cherished values we hold, signifying connectivity and our unwavering pursuit of new horizons. While retaining the core element of our original logo, which symbolizes our commitment to nature, the newly depicted triad of quadrants represents our firm foundation of equal respect and dedicated partnerships, extending beyond the ecological system to encompass our valued clients and the wider community. 

The inverted quadrant, oriented toward the future, symbolizes our pioneering exploration toward a more sustainable and financially secure tomorrow. This dynamic structure encapsulates not only the nature of our business operations, where we collaborate with our clients on a directionally motivated journey toward financial well-being, but also underscores the organic flow of information and the limitless possibilities and progression that propel us forward. Incorporating insights from colour psychology, our carefully chosen colour palette reflects themes of power, renewal, and optimism.

With this revitalization of our logo, a natural evolution of our website emerged. Beyond the new interface, we have introduced additional dimensions aimed at providing a more holistic representation of Murphy Clarke. Our website emphasizes the foundational elements of our team by highlighting the valued individuals who are driving forces behind our business. Furthermore, it explores our collective motives, values, and commitments, all of which are reflected in newly included website sections such as Mindfulness, Impact and News & Insights.

These sections not only speak to the tangible impact our company has on the social fabric of Trinidad and Tobago, but also delve into the intangible elements that propel us as a catalyst for change and a leader in sustainability within the regional financial industry. Our invaluable professional synergies with pioneering organizations such as The Cropper Foundation and The Bocas Lit Fest are also showcased.

These collaborations are forged through shared values related to wellness and a collective responsibility toward sustainable development. By highlighting these relationships, our new website offers a broader perspective of the type of work that interests us, and the projects in which web are engaged even outside the financial sphere. Therefore, our evolved site not only captures what we do, but also provides our future partners with deeper insights into Who We Are.

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